Digital Product - How to Make Your First Sale

Making the first sale of a digital product is a milestone for any entrepreneur. In addition to personal satisfaction, it is an important validation of the market and the product itself. But make no mistake: this can be a difficult task.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, you have probably encountered one or more of the following situations: 1. You have no idea how to make the first sale; 2. You are terrified of sales; 3. You thought it would be easier than it really is.

We know how frustrating it can be to craft incredible material and not even be able to sell a copy. At this point, one must be rational, persistent and, above all, apply the right techniques. As a resistance test, this first step will select entrepreneurs who have the mindset prepared to face new challenges.

To take the first step, read the 4 tips below and learn how to make the first sale of your digital product!

Identify your person

If you have a digital product ready to launch, you probably already know what your audience is. To go a little further and deeply understand how your consumer behaves, it is crucial that you identify the persona of your business.

A persona is nothing more than a fictional representation - with name, age and other specific characteristics - of your ideal client. By identifying it, you will have the opportunity to strategize toward that representation, impacting your prospects more efficiently and generating higher quality leads.

Promote your word of mouth product

The first step is to let friends and acquaintances know about your new release. You probably know someone who fits the profile of your persona and cares about the subject of your niche. Seek to attend the same spaces that your consumers are in and be aware of the opportunities around you.

Remember that the first sales of a digital product are essential to receive feedback and apply possible improvements in your material. Although not a commonly scalable technique, it is the first step to overcoming the first barriers and learning more about sales!

Join communities

Look for communities related to your niche, such as forums and groups on Facebook. If there is not something like this, you can create and invite the first people! Communities are conducive environments to generate constructive discussions, engagement, partnering and eventually citing your business on any of the topics.

Create a blog

Among the digital marketing strategies with the highest conversion rate is content marketing , which, rather than promoting its product, is concerned with educating and generating real value to the market. That's because intrusive ads are losing more and more space for compelling content.

If before the consumer was impacted by advertisements at all times, today he has more freedom to search for the solutions he needs. This creates more brand authority, fosters supplier-customer relationship, and naturally promotes your product as a solution to the user's needs.

When creating your blog, set the frequency with which you will publish content and fulfill it religiously. This way, your users will always be able to appeal to you when they have any questions related to your universe.

Posted on July 19, 2018 at 08:41 PM