Fitness Modes: Choose The Perfect One For You

Some people like to go to the gym to get heavy, whether in bodybuilding or aerobics. Others prefer to pursue an exercise that best fits their style or seek the agitation, dynamism and energy of collective modalities for their fitness.

Many types of gym appear every day and they are great allies for those who want to have a healthy body while not doing what they like. We have prepared a list of gym classes that can help you choose your preferred exercise.


Many people already know Pilates and its benefits, but it is always important to remember that it can be a huge ally in the quest for fitness. It is ideal for people looking for quieter activities that have greater connection between mind and body.

One of the benefits of pilates is that it provides something that gyms and high intensity exercises can not: self-knowledge and self-control.

The activity consists of movements focused on the development of muscles in the central region of the human body. Always done in a specific order, the moves are performed one after the other. It takes a lot of focus on performing pilates exercises.

The trainings usually last about 45 minutes, but it is common for smaller series of exercises in short times.

For the purpose of weight loss , conducting a pilates session accompanied by some cardiovascular exercise is important.


The Dance is undoubtedly one of the most fun and exciting activities we know for fitness. In addition, it brings many benefits, both physical and emotional.

One of its main benefits is weight loss. The calorie burning provided by dance is the result of the energy that is expended during the activity. In addition to being a recreational activity, dancing is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Dance also improves mood, as you dance, your body and mind unite in this activity. With music, when you perform the activity you take your mind off all the problems and just have fun.

In addition to these benefits, dancing improves your social relationships, so it is ideal for people seeking lively group activities.


Perhaps one of the most successful types of gym in recent years, Spinning can be practiced both in class and individual classes. Inspired by mountain biking, it is an adapted version for the gym, provides a high calorie burn as one of its greatest benefits, and the increase in cardiorespiratory endurance.

Yes, Spinning works heart and breathing resistance, it provides more disposition in both daily tasks and in the practice of heavier workouts.

Spinning also works to improve toning muscles, especially the lower ones. The quadriceps, calves, thighs and glutes are worked in the mode. Some stimuli make the muscles bigger and stronger. These benefits can also extend to the abdomen and arms.

In addition to the benefits of burning calories, increasing the resistance of the heart and toning muscles, it also has another very important benefit: practicality. Being in a gym, high temperatures, rains or other factors do not disturb the practice. The environment is covered and air conditioned, ideal for practicing the exercise.

Posted on July 19, 2018 at 08:45 PM