The Importance of Psychology in the Wedding Photographer

How important is psychology in the wedding photographer?

Those of you who have attended a workshop with me like Entre Luces , or those who have ever shared a networking such as wedding photography, know the importance I give to psychology as one of the key factors to be a good wedding photography.

I think that to be great you have to think big, but above all, you have to be very aware of where you are at each moment, be able to know your virtues and your shortcomings and work them. But not only in the technique, also training the mind.

The psychology in the wedding photographer is essential since you do a creative work, which comes from your mind, from your eyes, and if something disturbs your thoughts, it will also disturb your wedding photography.

I would dare to say that 80% at least, or even more in my wedding photography, is thanks to psychology, while the rest is technical

Tips for photographing a wedding

In previous post I left the three keys to photograph a successful wedding and 10 tips to photograph a wedding. Today I want to leave you 8 more tips that work for me, but this time they have to do more with your mind, with the need to also work on the psychological aspects.

Do not press, anxiety is your worst ally. If you yourself generate intense, excessive and persistent worry, you will only get into a state of anxiety that does not benefit you to do your job well.

Do not go with expectations at the wedding. If you attend a wedding with expectations about how everything will go and the photos you are going to get, and are not met, you will only get your mood down, affecting your emotional state and causing your level to go down.

Keep looking and searching. During the link do not lower your arms, the best photos come out when you least expect it, so be patient and persist.

Do not settle for anything ever. Keep looking to improve the previous shot no matter how good it is, be competitive with you.

You see the rhythm of the wedding emotionally. If people are serious, be serious. Yes people are smart, be smart, if they have fun, have fun. But above all do not forget something very important: Enjoy what you do and try to improve day by day.

Let go of nerves. The nerves, the pressure, the negative attitude in general, will lower the quality of your work, if you manage to release nerves and pressures, you will get better photos, there are a few tips for this that another day I tell you.

Forget personal problems. This is a job, but it is also a creative work. If you mix the personal with the professional, it will affect your photography. You must have a clear mind and think only about what you are doing. Give 100% to each wedding without thinking about your personal matters.

Empathize; think how you would want your own wedding report. Be you at all times and find and give what you would like to be given to you, the story you would like to receive after the link. Remember that they do not pay you for your camera; they pay you for your look.

Tips for photographing a wedding Tips for wedding photographers

Positive attitude - Wedding photographer

Remember to always enjoy what you are doing; it is the only way to get good shots. Surround yourself with positive people in your life, minimize the problems, and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude in your life.

'A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of thoughts, events and positive results'.

Posted on October 06, 2018 at 01:18 PM